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Healthi Rx is a leading provider of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services, designed to optimize medication use, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Our MTM services include Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR), Targeted Medication Review (TMR), and Comprehensive Medication Management, tailored to meet the specific needs of Medicare Part D health plan sponsors and primary care physician offices.


Why Choose Healthi Rx for MTM Services:

  1. Improved Patient Outcomes:
    • Reduce medication-related problems and adverse drug events
    • Improve medication adherence and persistence
    • Enhance disease state management and patient quality of life

  2. Cost Savings:
    • Decrease hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and readmissions
    • Optimize medication utilization to lower overall drug costs
    • Support value-based care initiatives

  3. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Meet CMS Star Ratings requirements for medication therapy management
    • Achieve performance measures related to medication use and safety
    • Maintain and improve Medicare Part D plan ratings

  4. Clinical Expertise:
    • Board-certified pharmacists with advanced training in medication therapy management
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration with healthcare providers for seamless care transitions
    • Use of evidence-based guidelines and best practices in medication management

  5. Scalable Solutions:
    • Customizable MTM program design to meet the unique needs of each client
    • Seamless integration with existing clinical workflows and technology platforms
    • Continuous quality improvement processes to ensure ongoing program success

Our Services

  1. Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR):
    • Comprehensive, one-on-one consultations with patients to assess medication appropriateness, safety, and effectiveness
    • Identification and resolution of medication-related problems
    • Creation of a personalized medication action plan for each patient
    • Communication of CMR findings and recommendations to healthcare providers

  2. Targeted Medication Review (TMR):
    • Focused review of high-risk medications and specific drug therapy issues
    • Proactive identification of potential medication-related problems
    • Collaboration with healthcare providers to optimize medication therapy

  3. Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM):
    • Ongoing, patient-centered approach to optimize medication use and address chronic disease states
    • Regular assessment of medication-related needs and goals of therapy
    • Coordination of care with healthcare providers to ensure optimal medication therapy

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- Tiffany Harley, Pharm.D.

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